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Driven by Innovation

Repurposing Waste Plastics



Between the EU and UK, the disposal of waste through incineration surpasses a staggering 70 million tonnes annually, significantly contributing to the emission of a substantial amount of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) during the process.

Plaswire’s RX Polymer plays a pivotal role in these challenges. Rather than allowing the waste polymers to contribute to the already substantial incineration figures, RX Polymer intercepts these materials, diverting them from incineration to be repurposed for the creation of sustainable construction products. The process not only prevents the release of additional CO2e associated with incinerating but also substitutes for the use of virgin raw materials in construction product manufacturing.



We are experts in Construction, Waste, Plastics Recycling and Manufacturing Processes.​





We are experts in Construction, Waste, Plastics Recycling and Manufacturing Processes.​

Circular Waste Solutions

Plaswire collaborates closely with waste management companies and biodigester operators to implement sustainable circular solutions that go beyond traditional incineration and landfill practices. By repurposing waste polymers into RX Polymer and integrating it into the construction industry, Plaswire is not only reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal but also actively contributing to a circular economy where resources are reused and carbon emissions are minimised. This approach aligns with broader efforts to mitigate climate change by addressing the carbon-intensive aspects of plastic production and disposal.

Preventing Plastics from Landfill

The development and application of RX Polymer represent a further step in Plaswire’s commitment to circularity. RX Polymer is a specialised product that incorporates recycled plastics, contributing to the circular economy by preventing these materials from ending up in landfills or incinerators. This sustainable alternative provides a viable option for various applications, ensuring that the lifecycle of plastics is extended, and the environmental footprint is minimised.