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Driven by Innovation

Repurposing Waste Plastics


Our Solutions

At Plaswire, our expertise spans a diverse range of sectors, providing groundbreaking solutions tailored to the unique challenges of each industry. Our goal is to not just recycle materials; we’re repurposing 100% of waste reshaping industries and creating a greener, more sustainable world.

What is

RX Polymer?

RX Polymer is developed by Plaswire for the repurposing of residual packaging, wind turbine blades and other various types of composites.

RX Polymer is a smart polymer which is capable of replacing virgin plastics, wood and precast concrete. It utilises a vast amount of complex waste plastics which is beneficial for the environment and helps recycle more plastic waste. Another benefit of RX Polymer is that it prevents the CO2 which is needed for the manufacture of virgin plastics, it also prevents 6 tonnes of CO2 for each tonne of RX Polymer that is produced. At Plaswire, our typical plant design can process 35,000 tonnes, preventing more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2!

The benefits of RX Polymer make it a standout product which helps the environment by reducing CO2 levels while also enabling more complex waste plastics to be recycled and the same time.