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In the manufacturing industry, there is a wide array of waste plastics generated; production waste, rejected quality items and surplus stock. This assortment of discarded materials poses environmental challenges and demands sustainable solutions. This is where Plaswire and its innovative approach come in.

RX Polymer

The RX Polymer was developed by Plaswire for the repurposing of residual packaging, wind turbine blades and other various types of composites.

Plaswire specialises in processing these waste plastics, through using advanced methods to transform them into valuable resources for the supply chain.

These waste plastics are converted into granulate, pellets and RX Polymer.


We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and work towards a net zero future.


We are experts in construction, waste, plastics recycling and manufacturing processes.


We are innovating in sectors such as wind and aviation to solve waste disposal problems.

PVC Extrusion

Profile Templates and Data Sheets

Plaswire see polymer recycling as a cradle-to-cradle newly made materials being used, recovered and reprocessed into ‘as-new’ material ready for re-use.

Plaswire process scrap wheelie bins on behalf of local authorities ensuring total destruction and 100% recovery of materials – PE, steel and rubber.

We Manufacture 25 Different Extruded PVC Profiles

Preventing Plastics

from Landfill

The development and application of RX Polymer represent a further step in Plaswire’s commitment to circularity.

RX Polymer is a specialised product that incorporates recycled plastics, contributing to the circular economy by preventing these materials from ending up in landfills or incinerators. This sustainable alternative provides a viable option for various applications, ensuring that the lifecycle of plastics is extended, and the environmental footprint is minimised.